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· CODEX STAN 72-1981 Standard for infant formula and formulas for special medical purposes intended for infants(婴儿补充食品和婴儿医用特殊目的食品标准)
· CODEX STAN 70 Standard for Canned Tuna and Bonito(罐装金枪鱼标准)
· CODEX STAN 69 Standard for Quick Frozen Raspberries(速冻树莓标准)
· CODEX STAN 67 Standard for Raisins(葡萄干标准)
· CODEX STAN 62 Standard for Canned Strawberries(罐装草莓标准)
· CODEX STAN 53 Standard for Special Dietary Foods with Low-Sodium Content(专用低钠含量食物标准)
· CODEX STAN 41 Standard for Quick Frozen Peas(速冻豌豆标准)
· CODEX STAN 36 Standard for Quick Frozen Finfish, Eviscerated or Uneviscerated
· CODEX STAN 33 Standard for Olive Oils and Olive Pomace Oils(橄榄油和橄榄渣油标准)
· CODEX STAN 16 Standard for Canned Green Beans and Wax Beans(罐装青豆和菜豆标准)
· CODEX STAN A-7-1971 General Standard for Whey Cheeses(乳清干酪总标准)
· CODEX STAN 327 Standard for Pitahayas(火龙果标准)
· CODEX STAN 279 Standard for Camembert
· CODEX STAN 277 Standard for Brie(白乳酪标准)
· CODEX STAN 273 Standard for Cottage Cheese incl. Creamed Cottage Cheese(松软干酪标准)
· CODEX STAN 263 Standard for Cheddar(干酪标准)
· CODEX STAN 254 Standard for Certain Canned Citrus Fruits(罐装柑橘类水果标准)
· CODEX STAN 252 Standard for a Blend of Sweetened Condensed Skimmed Milk and Vegetable Fat(加糖浓缩脱脂乳和植物油混合物标准)
· CODEX STAN 251 Standard for a Blend of Skimmed Milk and Vegetable Fat in Powdered Form
· CODEX STAN 250 Standard for a Blend of Evaporated Skimmed Milk and Vegetable Fat(浓缩脱脂乳和植物油混合物标准)
· CODEX STAN 242 Standard for Canned Stone Fruits(罐装核果标准)
· CODEX STAN 241 Standard for Canned Bamboo Shoots(罐装竹笋标准)
· CODEX STAN 240 Standard for Aqueous Coconut Products Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream(加水椰子产品)
· CODEX STAN 239 General Methods of Analysis for Food Additives
· CODEX STAN 238 Standard for Sweet Cassava(甘薯标准)
· CODEX STAN 236 Standard for Boiled Dried Salted Anchovies(盐渍凤尾鱼罐头标准)
· CODEX STAN 228 General Methods of Analysis for Contaminants
· CODEX STAN 207 Standard for Milk Powders and Cream Powder(奶粉和脱水奶油标准)
· CODEX STAN 206 General Standard for Use of Dairy Terms
· CODEX STAN 203 Standard for Formula Foods for Use in Very Low Energy Diets for Weight Reduction(减肥用低能量补充食品标准)
· CODEX STAN 183 Standard for Papaya(番木瓜果标准)
· CODEX STAN 180 Standard for Labelling of and Claims for Foods for Special Medical Purposes(特殊药用食品商标和权利的标准)
· CODEX STAN 169-1989 Standard for Whole and Decorticated Pearl Millet Grains(脱皮的整珍珠小米标准)
· CODEX STAN 13 Standard for Preserved Tomatoes(储存番茄标准)
· CODEX STAN259-R-2007 Regional Standard for Tehena
· CODEX STAN258-R-2007 Regional Standard for Canned Foul Medames
· CODEX STAN257-R-2007 Regional Standard for Canned Humus with Tehena
· CODEX STAN 165-1989 Standard for Quick Frozen Blocks of Fish Fillets, Minced Fish Flesh and Mixtures of Fillets and Minced Fish Flesh
· CODEX STAN 146 Standard for Labelling of and Claims for Prepackaged Foods for Special Dietary Use(特殊预包装食品商标和权利标准)
· CODEX STAN 145 Standard for Canned Chestnuts and Chestnut Purée(栗子标准)




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