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AFNOR NF B51-010Wood. Tensile test perpendicular to fibres.1942.02.012pages
AFNOR NF B51-002Timbers. Physical and mechanical characteristics of timber.1942.02.0116pages
AFNOR NF E29-161Branch pipe valves. Stopcocks and draw-off cocks. General. Nominal pressure PN 10.1943.02.012pages
AFNOR NF E29-163Branch pipe valves. Draw-off cocks. Nominal pressure pn 10.1943.02.011pages
AFNOR NF E29-162Branch pipe valves. Stopcocks. Nominal pressure pn 10.1943.02.011pages
AFNOR NF L92-320Location of lifting eyes for propeller assemblies.1943.10.011pages
AFNOR NF R93-508Split tubular rivets from 2.5 to 5 mm.1943.12.011pages
AFNOR NF R93-509Notched rivets from 1.6 to 5 mm.1943.12.011pages
AFNOR NF P20-401Frameworks joinery. Locksmithing. Dimensions of french window sashes and casements.1944.04.014pages
AFNOR NF E35-301Refrigerating equipment. Square ice compartment 25 kg type .1944.11.011pages
AFNOR NF E35-302Refrigerating equipment. Square ice compartment 40 kg type .1944.11.011pages
AFNOR NF R16-301Carburetors. Oval flanges with two holes.1944.12.011pages
AFNOR NF R22-601Drum brakes for cycles and motorcycles.1945.03.011pages
AFNOR NF D64-301Furniture. Wooden mattress frames.1945.04.014pages
AFNOR NF P01-011Structural dimensions. Straight masonry stairs.1945.05.012pages

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