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AFNOR NF EN 12227Playpens for domestic use - Safety requirements and test methods2010.12.010pages
AFNOR NF EN 15950Fertilizers - Determination of N-(1,2-dicarboxyethyl) D,L aspartic acid (Iminodisuccinic-acid, IDHA) using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) 2010.12.010pages
AFNOR NF ISO 5751-1Motorcycle tyres and rims (metric series) - Part 1 : design guides2011.01.010pages
AFNOR NF EN ISO 8130-12Coating powders - Part 12 : determination of compatibility2011.01.010pages
BSI BS 105Light and Heavy Bridge-Type Railway Rails1919.01.01(R 1994)4pages
BSI BS 275Specification Dimensions of rivets 鈥?(陆 Inch to 1戮 inch diameter) 鈥?This specification does not apply to boiler rivets - CF 7851: April 1941; PD 4947: June 19631927.05.2312pages
BSI BS 2SP 1Specification for Aircraft Material. Shackles - AMD PD 633: May 1947: AMD PD 2712: February 14, 1957; AMD PD 6219: July 31, 1967; AMD 1086: January 15, 19731927.09.06(R 1998)(R 2006)3pages
BSI BS 1117-2Bare Fine Resistance Wire for Precision Electrical Equipment Part 2: Metric Units1964.01.01(R 1998)(R 2006)14pages
BSI BS 4K 6Specification for Aircraft Material Cast iron piston ring pots 鈥?(Sand Cast and Chill Cast) - AMD 7333: January 1941; AMD 3882: April 1982 1928.09.248pages
BSI BS 648Schedule of Weights of Building Materials - Amd 2;1964.01.01(R 2006)50pages
BSI BS 3V 4Ash - AMD 1: April 1930; AMD 2: January 1943; PD 6168: May 19671929.07.16(R 1998)4pages
BSI BS 3238-2Graphical Symbols for Components of Servo- Mechanisms Part 2: General Servo-Mechanisms1964.01.01(R 2006)26pages
BSI BS SP 94Bronze Oil-Retaining Bushes and Thrust Washers for Aircraft - Amd 1;1964.01.01(R 2006)12pages
BSI BS 2B 8Phosphor Bronze Castings for Bearings (Includes Solid and Cored Sticks) - Amd 3; Replaces BS B 8: 1917;1930.01.018pages
BSI BS 3B 11Brass Bars Suitable to Be Brazed or Silver Soldered1933.01.014pages

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