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SAE AMS4946CTitanium Alloy Tubing, Seamless, Hydraulic 3Al - 2.5V, Texture Controlled Cold Worked, Stress Relieved - UNS R563202010.08.0112pages
SAE J1612Cab Heating Systems Test Procedure and Performance Requirements鈥擳rucks, and Multipurpose Vehicles2010.10.017pages
SAE MS1002Lubricants, Industrial Oils, and Related Products Type C (Gears) Specification2010.12.0115pages
SAE AS6030Interface Standard, Common Interface Control Plan2011.01.0120pages
SAE AS5258/1AInsulating Components, Molded, Electrical, Heat Shrinkable, Boot, Strain Relief and Sealing, Straight
DoD Adopted
SAE AS183N/AN/A0pages
AFNOR NF C30-010Conductors. Standard annealed copper : specification.1930.02.014pages
AFNOR NF R96-201Direction of rotation of machines and equipment.1931.03.011pages
AFNOR NF R23-103Magnetos and dynamos for motorcycles.1932.03.011pages
AFNOR NF E27-681Channel iron clamping plates for ipn,U or T sections.1939.06.011pages
AFNOR NF D27-301Domestic economy. Hand needles.1940.04.012pages
AFNOR NF D27-302Domestic economy. Pins.1940.04.011pages
AFNOR NF D27-304Domestic economy. Knitting needles.1940.04.011pages
AFNOR NF B51-001Timber. Technical and chemical characteristics of timber.1941.08.0110pages
AFNOR NF B51-012Wood. Shear test.1942.02.012pages

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