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DIN 1415-6Broaching tools; rectangular shanks G with perpendicular driving plane (for internal splines) 1970.08.013pages
DIN 2098-2Helical Springs Made of Round Wire; Dimensions for Cold-coiled compression springs of less than 0.5 mm Wire Diameter1970.08.014pages
DIN 1417-4Broaching tools; rectangular end pieces P (not for internal splines) 1970.08.014pages
DIN 1415-3Broaching tools; round shanks A and B1970.08.012pages
LN 71412Lubricating nipples with metric thread1970.09.012pages
DIN 41620-1Connectors for printed boards (flat contacts, single row); edge socket connectors-edge board contacts1970.09.014pages
DIN 1318Loudness level1970.09.013pages
DIN 5491Mass transfer (diffusion and transport of matter); basic concepts, quantities, symbols, dimensionless parameters1970.09.012pages
LN 9092Shaped tubing; dimensions, static values1970.10.012pages
VG 75073Toggle latch retainer1970.10.012pages
DIN 52316Testing of glass; determination of stiffness of continuous filament glass fibre rovings1970.10.011pages
DIN 43174Pantographs for electric traction; directives for selection of dimensions1970.10.011pages
DIN 10320Determination of chloride content of milk1970.10.011pages
DIN 8536Pneumatic tools; transition nozzle tips1970.10.012pages
DIN 998Hole Pitches in Unequal Angle Steels1970.10.014pages

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