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AFNOR NF EN 300065-3Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters (ERM) - Narrow-band direct-printing telegraph equipment for receiving meteorological or navigational information (NAVTEX) - Part 3 : harmonized EN covering essential requirements of article 3.3(e) o▔?▔?▔?▔?▔?▔?▔?▔券▔穄▔譈▔賄▔走▔逌▔鈬▔?▔2010.03.010pages
AFNOR NF EN 13954/IN1Food processing machinery - Bread slicers - Safety and hygiene requirements2010.04.010pages
AFNOR NF EN ISO 3924Petroleum products - Determination of boiling range distribution - Gas chromatography method2010.04.010pages
AFNOR NF EN 300176-1Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) - Test specification - Part 1 : radio (V2.1.1) 2010.05.010pages
AFNOR NF EN 12268/IN1Food processing machinery - Band saw machines - Safety and hygiene requirements2010.06.010pages
AFNOR NF EN 2240-008Aerospace series - Lamps, incandescent - Part 008 : lamp, code 75 - Product standard2010.06.010pages
AFNOR NF EN 12855/IN1Food processing machinery - Rotating bowl cutters - Safety and hygiene requirements2010.07.010pages
AFNOR NF EN 3435Aerospace series - Nuts, anchor, self-locking, floating, two lug, reduced series, with counterbore, in heat resisting steel, MoS2 lubricated - Classification : 1 100 MPa (at ambient temperature)/315 掳C2010.07.010pages
AFNOR NF EN 62563-1Medical electrical equipment - Medical image display systems - Part 1 : evaluation methods2010.07.010pages
AFNOR XP PR EN 9101Quality Management Systems - Audit Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defencse Organizations2010.08.010pages
AFNOR NF EN ISO 10426-6Petroleum and natural gas industries - Cements and materials for well cementing - Part 6 : methods for determining the static gel strength of cement formulations2010.08.010pages
AFNOR NF EN 1993-4-1/NAEurocode 3 - Design of steel structures - Part 4-1 : silos - National Annex to NF EN 1993-4-1:2007 - Silos2010.09.010pages
AFNOR NF EN 13445-6 V1/AC1Corrigendum 1 to standard NF EN 13445-6 V1:20092010.10.010pages
AFNOR NF EN 15599-1Thermal insulation products for building equipment and industrial installations - In-situ thermal insulation formed from expanded perlite (EP) products - Part 1 : specification for bonded and loose-fill products before installation2010.10.010pages
AFNOR XP X30-600Eco-Enterprise - Terminology2010.11.010pages

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