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ISO 6487 AMD 1Road vehicles -Measurement techniques in impact tests -Instrumentation AMENDMENT 1 - Fourth Edition2008.07.158pages
ISO 10069-2Tools for pressing -Elastomer pressure springs -Part 2: Specification of accessories - Second Edition2008.08.1510pages
ISO 8085-1 CORR 1Polyethylene fittings for use with polyethylene pipes for the supply of gaseous fuels -Metric series -Specifications -Part 1: Fittings for socket fusion using heated tools TECHNICAL CORRIGENDUM 1 - First Edition2008.09.152pages
ISO 10952Plastics piping systems -Glass-reinforced thermosetting plastics (GRP) pipes and fittings -Determination of the resistance to chemical attack for the inside of a section in a deflected condition - Second Edition2008.10.1514pages
ISO 29771Thermal insulating materials for building applications -Determination of organic content - First Edition2008.11.0114pages
ISO 29500-4Information technology -Document description and processing languages -Office Open XML File Formats -Part 4: Transitional Migration Features - First Edition2008.11.151476pages
ISO TR 24714-1Information technology -Biometrics -Jurisdictional and societal considerations for commercial applications -Part 1: General guidance - First Edition2008.12.1532pages
ISO 20474-1Earth-moving machinery -Safety -Part 1: General requirements - First Edition2008.12.1530pages
ISO 10816-7Mechanical vibration -Evaluation of machine vibration by measurements on non-rotating parts -Part 7: Rotodynamic pumps for industrial applications, including measurements on rotating shafts - First Edition2009.02.0124pages
ISO 23065Milk fat from enriched dairy products -Determination of omega鈭? and omega鈭? fatty acid content by gas-liquid chromatography - First Edition2009.03.0120pages
ISO TR 28118Information and documentation -Performance indicators for national libraries - First Edition2009.04.0198pages
ISO 22266-1Mechanical vibration -Torsional vibration of rotating machinery -Part 1: Land-based steam and gas turbine generator sets in excess of 50 MW - First Edition2009.05.0132pages
ISO 12100-1 AMD 1Safety of machinery -Basic concepts, general principles for design -Part 1: Basic terminology, methodology AMENDMENT 1 - First Edition2009.06.016pages
ISO 28580Passenger car, truck and bus tyres -Methods of measuring rolling resistance -Single point test and correlation of measurement results - First Edition2009.07.0132pages
ISO 3175-3 CORR 1Textiles -Professional care, drycleaning and wetcleaning of fabrics and garments -Part 3: Procedure for testing performance when cleaning and finishing using hydrocarbon solvents TECHNICAL CORRIGENDUM 1 - First Edition2009.08.151pages

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