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ISO 3298Photography - Processing Chemicals - Specifications for Glacial Acetic Acid Second Edition1994.01.018pages
ISO TR 11941Information and Documentation - Transliteration of Korean Script into Latin Characters - First Edition1996.12.0111pages
ISO 5049-1Mobile Equipment for Continuous Handling of Bulk Materials - Part 1: Rules for the Design of Steel Structures Second Edition1994.01.0153pages
ISO ISP 12070-1Information Technology - International Standardized Profiles FCSnnn - Character Set 8-Bit Code Structure Based on ISO/IEC 2022 - Part 1: FCS111 - 2022 Option 1 - First Edition; BS EN ISP 12070-1: 19971996.12.0131pages
ISO 11131Banking and Related Financial Services - Sign-on Authentication First Edition1992.01.0116pages
ISO 3299Photography - Processing Chemicals - Specifications for 1-Phenyl-3- Pyrazolidinone Second Edition1994.01.0112pages
ISO 10058Magnesites and Dolomites - Chemical Analysis First Edition (CEN EN ISO 10058: 1996) 1992.01.0123pages
ISO 4074-1Rubber Condoms - Part 1: Requirements - Second Edition1996.12.0113pages
ISO 3620Photography - Processing Chemicals - Specifications for Aluminium Potassium Sulfate Second Edition; (Corrected and Reprinted - 1995) 1994.01.019pages
ISO 2923Acoustics - Measurement of Noise on Board Vessels - Second Edition; Technical Corrigendum 1-19971996.12.0111pages
ISO 8875Grades of Fluorspar - Determination of Moisture Content of a Lot Second Edition1992.01.016pages
ISO 3387Rubber - Determination of Crystallization Effects by Hardness Measurements - Second Edition; Technical Corrigendum 1: 20001994.01.0111pages
ISO 6293-1Petroleum Products - Determination of Saponification Number - Part 1: Colour-Indicator Titration Method - First Edition; Supersedes ISO 6293: 19831996.12.0112pages
ISO 10994Information Technology - Data Interchange on 90 mm Flexible Disk Cartridges Using Modified Frequency Modulation Recording at 31 831 ftprad on 80 Tracks on Each Side - ISO Type 303 First Edition1992.01.0151pages
ISO 13653Optics and Optical Instruments - General Optical Test Methods - Measurement of Relative Irradiance in the Image Field - First Edition1996.12.0121pages

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