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CEN EN 12765Classification of Thermosetting Wood Adhesives for Non-Structural Applications2001.05.0111pages
CEN EN ISO 4516Metallic and Other Inorganic Coatings - Vickers and Knoop Microhardness Tests - ISO 4516:20022002.06.0122pages
CEN EN 623-3Advanced Technical Ceramics - Monolithic Ceramics - General and Textural Properties - Part 3: Determination of Grain Size and Size Distribution (Characterized by the Liner Intercept Method) - Supersedes ENV 623-3:19932001.05.0125pages
CEN EN 13869Lighters - Child-Resistance for Lighters - Safety Requirements and Test Methods2002.06.0116pages
CEN ENV 1329-2Plastic Piping Systems for Soil and Waste Discharge (Low and High Temperature) within the Building Structure - Unplasticized Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC-U) - Part 2: Guidance for the Assessment of Conformity2001.05.0122pages
CEN EN 12801Footwear - Test Methods for Insoles, Lining and Insocks - Perspiration Resistance - Includes Amendment A1: 20012000.02.0110pages
CEN EN ISO 6942Protective clothing - Protection against heat and fire - Method of test: Evaluation of materials and material assemblies when exposed to a source of radiant heat - ISO 6942:2002; Supersedes EN 366:19932002.06.0118pages
CEN ENV 14272Plywood - Calculation Method for Some Mechanical Properties2002.06.0128pages
CEN EN 40-3-2Lighting Columns - Part 3-2: Design and Verification - Verification by Testing - Supersedes EN 40-8: 19822000.02.0113pages
CEN EN 561Gas Welding Equipment - Quick-Action Couplings with Shut-Off Valves for Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes2002.06.0118pages
CEN EN 1294Door Leaves - Determination of the Behaviour under Humidity Variations in Successive Uniform Climates - Supersedes EN 43:19852000.02.017pages
CEN EN 1424:1997/PRA1Amd PRA1 Road Marking Materials - Premix Glass Beads2002.06.015pages
CEN EN 12890Founding - Patterns, Pattern Equipment and Coreboxes for the Production of Sand Moulds and Sand Cores2000.02.0132pages
CEN EN ISO 12216Small Craft Windows, Portlights, Hatches, Deadlights and Doors Strength and Watertightness Requirements - ISO 12216: 20022002.06.0176pages
CEN EN 13299Fertilizers - Determination of Flow Rate2000.02.0110pages

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